Automatically Track, Monitor and get Notified for Data Compliance Risks

Data dispersed across mobile and cloud apps has dramatically increased the chance of costly data exposures in the enterprise. inSync is the only integrated solution that brings visibility to end-user data and provides an automated system to proactively track, monitor and notify of potential data risks.


Address the Challenge of Potential Risks in End-User Data

Capture, track and full-text search your dispersed end-user data

inSync was designed to protect data for the mobile workforce with seamless data capture across all devices and cloud applications. Running silently in the background, inSync collects and indexes distributed data to a central repository, giving IT comprehensive visibility and full text search capabilities to address data policy and compliance needs.

Save time with predefined or customizable compliance templates

Organizations can select from a collection of predefined compliance regulation templates (ex. HIPAA, GLBA, PCI) or customize their own, and inSync will automatically scan, identify and alert about data risks. inSync’s predefined templates are verified against industry regulations and enable organizations to start addressing their compliance needs right out of the box — completely automated, hassle free and a time saving solution.

Automate the identification of data risks

By automating the process of identifying files that may contain sensitive information like personal health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), personal credit information (PCI) and confidential Intellectual Property (IP) information, inSync provides a unified way for IT to quickly assess and take corrective action for non-compliance on regulated or policy managed end-user data.

Simplify Monitoring & Management of End-user Data Sources

Gain a single view across all your end-user data

inSync merges data and audit trails across disparate data sources and provides a single monitoring dashboard for viewing and managing end-user data without having to scour across multiple disjointed systems to find data — enabling real-time monitoring of all users, policies, and file types for potential non-compliance.

Monitor all aspects of data usage

inSync ensures transparency and traceability of all activities in the organization with its full, tamper-proof audit trails of the data that is stored and accessed within the solution. The audit trails aid in providing more comprehensive visibility for compliance initiatives and include all end-user and IT administrator activity to ensure proper procedures are followed.

Easily locate data dispersed across the mobile enterprise

With its centralized, indexed repository, inSync enables companies that conduct internal investigations or need to locate corporate-specific sensitive data (e.g. HR data, Intellectual Property, or financial records) to leverage its deep-search capabilities to pinpoint these materials across end-user data sources.

Respond Quickly and Accurately to Investigations

Ensure the authenticity of your data

When required for investigative, compliance or legal requirements, inSync captures extended meta-data (as outlined by the Department of Justice) and creates a unique signature for every file in the system. In doing so, inSync is able to provide an auditable trail of a file’s history and a litmus test for its authenticity.

Provide secure, direct access to data

inSync is the only solution available today that enables organizations to explicitly hold data and provide direct access to investigative or compliance teams without end-user involvement. Not only does this streamline the data hand-off process, minimizing spoliation risks, but also provides the utmost discretion during sensitive audits.

“Druva is pushing us to create a better data governance process, and has provided us integrations with our other systems that let us report up to leadership and to auditors very quickly.”

– Bruce Sherman,
Senior Associate, Top Global Management Consulting Firm


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