Gain the Advantages of a Native Cloud Solution

Druva is on the vanguard of a new wave of cloud-based data protection and archiving solutions. By leveraging the performance and scalability of native cloud technologies, Druva Phoenix can address the varying scale and compute needs of the largest enterprise deployments without the bottleneck, cost and performance issues common to on-premise and cloud-hosted alternatives.


Simplify, Save and Protect Your Infrastructure

Global Performance and Scale Without the Headaches

Built from the ground up, Phoenix natively leverages existing public cloud infrastructure. With stateless nodes and fully elastic storage for both data and metadata, Phoenix can achieve nearly infinite scale without bottlenecks or additional hardware. With Native cloud, you can support your global infrastructure no matter how much data you need to protect.

Vendor and Infrastructure Consolidation

By eliminating multiple resources, including tape drives, secondary disk storage, backup software, as well as ongoing maintenance costs, Phoenix streamlines your operations and removes administrative burden enabling organizations to free up resources and focus on more strategic IT initiatives.

Centrally Managed, Global Availability and Consistency

For many organizations, moving to the cloud for secondary storage workloads overcomes a lack of consistency in tools, storage methods and process. Phoenix provides a centrally administered solution with the same quality of service available simultaneously around the globe.

70% Reduction in Cost Compared to Legacy

Phoenix provides a cloud solution that saves both money and resources. With cloud computing falling under operational expenses, rather than capital, enterprises only pay for what they use. This helps enterprises align their capacity and cost models, improving total cost of ownership. With no on-premise storage infrastructure to maintain and no manual labor associated with managing tapes, administration requirements fall substantially.

Leap Forward, Go Beyond the Basics

Anywhere Disaster Recovery

Creating a duplicate offsite copy of data for business continuity purposes used to be an expensive and time consuming option requiring a near constant human element. Any data managed by Phoenix is, by its very nature, offsite. This data can be restored to any global location as well, making restores in the event of disaster even easier.

Archiving Without the Overhead and Cost

Modern cloud storage architecture allows for data to be stored and managed more efficiently. More efficient storage combined with a best of breed deduplication technology allows for data to be cost effectively retained long term. Streamlining the archive process at a lower cost can help companies eliminate a reliance on tape, which can lead to an error prone and manual process.

Test and Development

Once virtual machine data has been replicated into the cloud with Phoenix, these copies can be used for testing and validation of software changes to their production systems in a true platform-as-a-service capacity. Leveraging the economies of the cloud can lead to even more cost effective usage of cloud resources.

“By 2018, more than 60% of enterprises will have at least half of their infrastructure on cloud-based platforms.”


“Druva is way more than just backup. It allows us to control the data and put it to use.”

– Toru Miyashita,
IT Expert, NetOne


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