Drive business agility through a scalable, predictable and on-demand data management platform

Harness the Power of the Cloud

Every organization is struggling to manage increasing amounts of data in a growing number of locations, all resulting in increased costs and management complexity. The Druva Cloud Platform provides a simple, scalable approach to take control of your most critical data – all as-a-service. Now you can get visibility and control across your entire data footprint, all while realizing the full value and efficiency of the cloud.

Druva Cloud Platform

Management across all your data sources that’s scalable, predictable and on-demand

The Druva Difference

No Infrastructure

Make decisions based on business need, not on the limitations imposed by your legacy infrastructure

On-demand Scale without Limits

A fully cloud-architected platform that easily scales into the petabytes and provides global reach

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Pay only what you consume with a predictable, cost-efficient model that removes budget uncertainty and drastically reduces TCO

Services-oriented Model

Easily add new data sources and apply the services that best meet the objectives of the business

Unified Management

Gain a holistic view across all organizational data activities and reduce administrative complexity and cost

Under the Hood

One Dataset, Multiple Uses

A scale-out architecture with distinct metadata / data separation unlocks the value of data for multiple workflows by leveraging the same underlying data set

Intelligent Storage

Significantly lower TCO with auto-tiering, global deduplication, ever incremental and cold storage

Built on AWS

Harnesses the native efficiencies and global reach of Amazon Web Services, offering unmatched storage flexibility, data durability and security

Customer-Only Data Access

An advanced data-scrambling algorithm, and a unique encryption model, guarantee that your data is only accessible by your company

Integrated Data Layer

Get real-time storage and retrieval, fast search and analytics with Druva’s unique approach to data aggregation from all sources

What customers are saying

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Matrix Services Company

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