Druva Server Backup Solution

Druva Phoenix Overview 
(Server Backup & Protection)

Remote Data Backup Solution

An enterprise-class, disk-based backup solution, optimized for remote and branch office servers. Remote office backups are simple, secure and completely non-intrusive. Coupled with deduplication technology, its point-in- time restores make it convenient and easy for users as well as administrators.

Compatible with Multiple Agents

Server backup solution is able to support different operating systems and enterprise applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, MYSQL Server, Windows File Server and Linux File Server.

Perfect Solution for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

With global source-based data deduplication technology, it is ensured that remote office backups are highly efficient. Regardless of locations, data is being saved by timeline basis across servers.  In cases where offices are based in countries which are more prone to natural disasters, loss of data can still be recovered at the administrator.

WAN Optimization

 WAN Optimization

Server backup solution provides smart bandwidth throttling, based on percentage limits set for different available networks. It automatically calculates optimal packet size and makes the best use of available bandwidth. Coupled with global source-based data deduplication, it ensures that only unique data is backed up over an optimized bandwidth. Flexible scheduling helps run backups at the most convenient times making backups smooth and non-intrusive.

Auto-Resume Backup & Restore

Using continuous data protection, server backup maintains point-in-time copies of data with hierarchical restore points. Each restore point facilitates the restoration of data from any point in the past. Additionally, automated backups help to lower the total cost of ownership for enterprises.

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