inSync Overview
(Endpoint Data Protection)


Designed for today’s mobile enterprise, inSync protects a wide range of content on a variety of endpoints and delivers the highest productivity gains for IT and the most non-disruptive and empowering end-user experience.

As fully automated PC backup software, endpoint backup protects corporate data for office and remote users. It features point-in-time restores and data deduplication technology to make backups up to 10 times faster. With 80% data duplicated across enterprise users, deduplication saves only a single copy of emails and documents resulting in over 90% bandwidth and storage savings. The scalable “Blackbird” storage engine supports up to 16TB of deduped data and over 2000 users on a single backup server. Backups are simple, secure and completely non-intrusive.

data protection and governance

With the increased mobility among enterprises and usage of tablets, smartphones, companies no longer just depend on desktops or laptops. Here, endpoint backup allows users to access their data from mobile devices anytime, anywhere. In addition to protection capabilities, it brings up the convenience of mobility covered with data protection as well. Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows 8 Phone and Blackberry.

User-Friendly Restore via Multiple Devices

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With its search based, point-in-time restore feature, it allows users to search for file name or extension and quickly restore any point-in-time copy of the file. Not only for laptops or desktops, this feature is extended to smartphones and tablets for users’ convenience and keeping mobility in mind. The user, while restoring, sees a timeline view of data in form of multiple restore points. Each restore point is a full restore point and facilitates the user to restore data from any point in the past.

Advanced Global Deduplication

Global deduplication produces smaller, faster backups by eliminating data redundancy across all users. App-aware Dedupe understands application formats to accurately determine block boundaries for deduplication and HyperCache technology enables deduplication to scale by reducing server load.

Data Governance

data protection and governance

IT Administrators can now have an overview of insights into data stored and shared across the organization. Centralized administration enables you to manage all aspects of backup for all users and devices.It allows them to globally search for files across all devices to solve IT issues proactively.

prevent data loss data loss prevention

Data Loss Prevention protects corporate data from breach on lost or stolen laptops, smartphones and tablets. Rest assured that corporate data is protected regardless your employees’ locations. Configurable policies let IT administrators control which apps can access data, at the same time choose from multiple methods to remove corporate data from stolen or lost devices

  • – Initiate wipe-off manually or
  • – By pre-configured auto-delete policy, selectively wipe only corporate data on devices, leaving personal data intact.

Users can now geo-locate endpoints to see where devices are located and if necessary, remote wipe-off can be done as well to protect from data breach, especially critical when devices are lost or stolen. Precise tracking provides the geographical location within 10-20 metres with Google Maps, easily detect the last-known IP address of every device. Device encryption leverages built-in encryption technology – such as Windows Encrypting File System – for strongest data protection and prevents unauthorized users from accessing, modifying, or deleting sensitive data. Selective encryption of only necessary files and folders eliminates the need for heavy, full-disk encryption.

Secure File-Sharing Functionality to enhance Productivity

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File sharing functionality allows users to easily share files and collaborate with each other using drag and drop of files to the shared folder. Never worry about the security – security policies include permissions to share files within and outside of organizations with link expiration, ability to share on mobile devices.

file sharing

Multi-device sync ensures anytime, anywhere, any device access to shared data and external collaborators can edit and upload new versions of shared files using Web. Additional policies regulate external collaboration with password-protected links, link expiry, and view-only access. IT users can see exactly how users can share data as well as location of all shared data and sharing reports give detailed insights into sharing activity. Audit trails provide an undeletable activity record for all users, including external collaborators.

iNovuus Technologies终端保护是完全自动化的笔记本电脑备份软件,用于保护企业本地和远程数据。它提供高效的备份,指定时间点的数据恢复,以及专利申请中的比普通备份技术快十倍的重复数据删除技术。 在所有企业用户中百分之八十的资料是重复的,运用的重复数据删除技术只保存一份副本的电子邮件和文件,帮助企业节省高达百分之90的的宽带资源和储存空间。这是令人难以置信的“Blackbird”存储引擎,支持高达16TB,超过2000个用户的重复数据删除。使用终端保护,您的备份将会非常简介和安全。 主要功能 主要特點 的端點 備份解決方案 image011 随着更多企业流动性的增加,企业都开始依赖于台式机或笔记本电脑来浏览资料。终端保护能为智能手机,平板电脑提供安全的移动设备管理。只需要互联网连接,用户能随时随地从移动设备安全地查看数据。同时,数据保护的流动性能给用户者带来了许多方便。 通過多個設備用戶友好的還原 image012 用户者凭时间点的恢复功能简单搜索文件名称,便可快速恢复文件副本。此功能不仅适用于笔记本电脑或台式电脑,智能手机和平板电脑等移动设备也可以方便快速恢复数据,为用户者带来方便和提高灵活性。 在恢复数据时,用户能在多个恢复点的形式中看到时间线视图的数据。用户可以从每一个还原点恢复任何时间的完整的数据文件。 集中控制和信息管理 image013 IT管理员可以更好的掌握和分析公司数据存储和内部分享情况与趋势。同时,IT 管理者可以在全球范围内查找公司任何文件,随时随地查寻IT设置及时解决问题。 數據丟失Preventionwith軍用級加密 image014 image015 除了基本的保护功能,防止数据外泄其与加密的功能使得iNovuus Technologies 采用的终端保护在数据保护市场脱颖而出。用户者也可以准确定位已丢失或失窃设备的地点,必要时可以远程删除设备上的数据,以免让资料外泄。 SSL 256 位网络加密和AES 256 位存储加密技术确保您存储与共享的文件有最高的企业级的数据安全保障。 文件共享帮助提高工作效率(File-Sharing Functionality to enhance Productivity) 文件共享功能允许用户间方便快捷的的通过共享文件夹共享最新文件。安全保障策略保证你不用担心任何安全隐患,例如公司内部或者与外部分享的文件都可以设定时间,过期的链接会自动消失,使您在任何时间地点都能安全分享文件,提高工作效率。 image016 image017 广域网优化和带宽限制(WAN Optimization and Bandwidth Throttling) 终端保护使用Octopus 广域网优化引擎可以自动检测网络的变化(广域网、区域网)。并且计算数据包的大小,只需8个线程就能充分利用带宽完成数据的备份。您也可以设置数据备份所占用的不同网路的大小,达到节约网路的目的。