Protection and Visibility for the entire Data Attack Surface

Today’s organizations face an ever shifting set of security and compliance challenges: the bulk of data now is created and lives on mobile devices and cloud applications bypassing the traditional data center; security threats are evolving that seek to destroy information rather than just demand a ransom for its return; and the regulatory and environment continues to place greater demand on organizations to protect information. Only Cloud Data Protection and Management provides the security and scalability to meet these challenges.

Druva helps achieve


Protect data in flight and at rest using customer controlled industry standard encryption.


Gain visibility to data everywhere it lives while managing it from creation to destruction.


Independently validated cloud data protection for security and operational processes

Encryption At Your Control

Druva’s approach to storing enterprise data, utilizing both an advanced data-scrambling algorithm and a unique envelope-based encryption model, where the data and metadata is decoupled and encrypted, guarantees that your data is only accessible by your company. Under no circumstance can Druva provide access to your data — a critical component to meeting today’s stringent global data privacy regulations.

Compliance in the Cloud

Druva provides compliance in the cloud at the software layer in addition to what is provided in the infrastructure and platform. Where others try to claim the security of the infrastructure and platform as their own, Druva provides validate security for your critical information with SOC-2 Type II, HIPAA, and other audits and attestations.

Rapidly Detect and Recover from Emerging CyberThreats

The Druva Cloud Platform provides automatic, scheduled backups to quickly recover from emerging cyber threats, while continuously monitoring data for anomalies, tampering, and ransomware.

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