Accelerate GDPR Compliance with Druva

Druva helps address

Data Transparency

Gain visibility into where sensitive dataresides and take action when needed

Right to be Forgotten

Discover and delete unstructured data from both primary and secondary storage

Secure by Design

Privacy-focused data protectionwith multiple certifications

Data Protection & Visibility Designed with Compliance in Mind

  • Gain comprehensive and secure backup, recovery and archival across servers, endpoints and cloud applications
  • Minimize risks with full data visibility, access and compliance monitoring across data sources
  • Easily search, collect, preserve, archive or delete data to support legal and GDPR compliance needs

White Paper

The GDPR Deadline Has Passed:What Should You Do?

Osterman Research provides insights and recommendations on the critical importance of the GDPR and how to accelerate compliance now that the deadline has passed.

GDPR Provisions Now in Effect

Security By Design

Organizations are expected to fully assess and then implement measures to ensure a level of security which is tailored to the risk of holding and processing personal data.


The data subject’s consent must be a freely given, informed, specific, and unambiguous indication of the data subject’s wishes. Explicit consent is required at the point of processing of sensitive data.

Data Breach Notification

Controllers must notify the supervisory authority of a personal data breach in 72 hours or depending on severity without “undue delay.”

Right to Object Processing

Data subjects have the right to object to processing unless the controller can show compelling legitimate grounds for processing.

Right to be Forgotten

A.K.A. Right to Erasure. Data subjects have the right to request the controller to erase his/her personal data without undue delay.

Data Protection Officers

Processors and controllers must appoint a data protection officer to monitor personal data processing.

Data Visibility & Control for Compliance Alignment

GDPR Aligned Data Protection

Protect data in transit and at rest with industry standard AES-256 encryption

Know where your data lives across endpoints, mobile devices, servers, and cloud applications

Retain and defensibly delete data to comply with GDPR’s “right to be forgotten”

Complete monitoring, auditing and reportingfor all user and administrative actions on data within the organization

Enforce the “right to be forgotten” by sanitizing data anywhere in the organization

SaaS Aligned to Today’s Demanding Compliance Requirements

Druva is committed to data privacy, security and operational transparency as to our data practices and processes. As the leader in Data Management as a Service, keeping abreast and aligning to regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, ITAR, FedRAMP and others are critical to meeting the requirements of our global customers.

“Corporate and IT compliance managers continue to struggle [with] managing their compliance programs using manual methods and tools.”

-“Market Guide for Corporate Compliance and Oversight Solutions,” Gartner Inc., 2016

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