“Straits Corporation Pte Ltd has great pleasure working with iNovuus as they have been a great help in our company’s Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure. It all started with our first transaction with iNovuus for the purchase of the Druva Phoenix Backup Solution. With the intention of just to replace the old backup server, little did we know that this backup solution helped tremendously in saving time and resources for backup up our company’s data. The backup solution works so seamlessly that the IT department did not have to worry about any data loss. Angela, the salesperson in charge of introducing the backup solution to our company, has been professional and attentive to our needs throughout the whole process from pre—sale to post-sale services. John, the IT Technician, has also been doing his best in providing prompt maintenance/technical services when needed. Little did our company expect that we depended on iNovuus every now and then for Straits Corporation PteLtd’s IT needs. Their professional and caring client services are one of the many points that drew the company back to iNovuus when purchasing other IT products such as laptops, projectors and even Wi-fi routers. We believe that iNovuus’ unique, good backup products can help increase our company’s employees’ productivity and we are glad that iNovuus is a dependable company when it comes to our company’s IT issues.”

— Benny Sia, Assistant Development Business Manager
Straits Corporation